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Variation Claims

Ready to Manage Variation Claims

We are experienced in helping clients navigate this common area of dispute. Whether it be supporting or challenging variation claims, our lawyers have the expertise to tackle the complex issues involved. We can advise on the procedures that should be followed, time limits, and variations performed outside of the contract.

Our team can provide a range of benefits that can help clients achieve a successful outcome. These benefits include assisting with the preparation of claims and supporting documentation, representation during negotiations and mediation, advising on the contract and relevant laws and regulations, assessing the merits of the claim and potential outcomes and handling any disputes that may arise. 

Client Testimonials

At Fenwick Elliott Grace, we always strive to deliver first-class outcomes for all our clients. Whether you are a mum and dad home builder, or large multi-national conglomerate, we have an experienced team ready to deliver. 

Benefits of Engaging Our Variation Claims Services