Litigation is often time consuming and expensive.  Our approach is to always explore alternative dispute resolution methods to attempt to find a cost effective resolution to a dispute before the path of litigation is taken.

The introduction of the Security of Payment legislation across Australia has vastly increased the use of adjudication as a means to resolve payment disputes in the construction industry.  Adjudication provides for a quick means of determining, on an interim basis, the liability of a respondent to pay a claimant a progress payment.

Our people have extensive experience with preparing and advising on Payment Claims, Payment Schedules, Adjudication Applications, and Adjudication Responses in South Australia, the Northern Territory and Australia wide. Should the outcome of an adjudication not be satisfactory, our people have the necessary skills, experience and a successful history running and defending judicial review/enforcement actions in the Supreme Court.

In other types of disputes, mediation can often result in a more satisfactory result for our clients, without the expensive legal costs involved in Court action. Our solicitors are experienced mediators and have a depth of skills to advocate for our clients and ensure the best possible chances of a positive result during this process.