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Delay Claims

Delay Claim Specialists

Our lawyers have particular expertise in handling delay claims. We understand the complexities of such claims and have experience in providing guidance to those making or defending claims on how to best structure or counter them. We are also experienced in providing guidance to certifiers and principals, including government bodies, on the true value of claims that have been presented.

We can provide a range of benefits that can help clients achieve a successful outcome. These benefits include the advice on the best approach to take with the claim, assistance with contract and schedule analysis, representation during negotiation and mediation, representing clients in disputes and appeals, and providing guidance on compliance with relevant laws and regulations. 

Client Testimonials

At Fenwick Elliott Grace, we always strive to deliver first-class outcomes for all our clients. Whether you are a mum and dad home builder, or large multi-national conglomerate, we have an experienced team ready to deliver. 

Benefits of Engaging Our Delay Claim Services