Legal Services



Our mediation services provide an alternative to traditional litigation, helping parties reach a mutually beneficial resolution.



Our adjudicators are trained in the resolution of disputes through a fair and efficient process.


In-House Counsel

Fenwick Elliott Grace’s in-house counsel team provides expert legal guidance for businesses on a wide range of issues.

Town Agent services

Our town agent services help clients navigate the complexities of local government processes.

Variation Claims

Fenwick Elliott Grace’s variation claims practice helps clients recover costs associated with changes to construction projects.

Delay Claims

Our delay claims team has a successful track record of securing compensation for clients affected by project delays.

Why Trust Us?

Experience, Reputation, Personalised Approach, Ethical Practices

Outstanding Service

We have a reputation for providing excellent legal representation and achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Dedication to Clients

We take a personalised approach to each case, ensuring that the specific needs and goals of our client are a top priority.

Specialised Experience

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who are well-versed in the practice areas they specialise in.

Ethical Practices

We have a strong commitment to ethical practices, ensuring that clients can trust that their representation is conducted with integrity.

Looking for Experienced Lawyers with Specialised Knowledge?