Fenwick Elliott Grace Awarded First Tier Rating by Doyle’s Guide

Doyles Doyle’s Guide is the leading independent guide to the top law firms in Australia.  Unlike some other legal guides, Doyle’s does not allow firms to buy entries, and is therefore a more reliable guide to who is who in the legal world.  The list of best firms and lawyers is compiled on an independent basis by extensive telephone and face to face interviews with clients, peers and relevant industry bodies.

Fenwick Elliott Grace is again named as one of just two ‘First Tier’ construction law firms in South Australia.

Also this year, Partner Jeanie Elliott is named as one of the two pre-eminent construction lawyers in the state, with Partner Tom Grace being named in the recommended list.

Doyle’s Guide commentary notes that:

Fenwick Elliott Grace continues to operate on a high level, particularly in relation to non-contentious matters where Jeanie Elliott was seen as “commercial” and “extremely good”.

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