Building Contract Disputes: Practice and Precedents

What it is

Building Contract Disputes: Practice and Precedents is a large looseleaf book, designed for practitioners and academics concerned with building, construction and engineering disputes. Its principal focus is English procedure, but much of its content has international application throughout the common law world. It is written by Robert Fenwick Elliott (an English lawyer now based in Adelaide, Australia) and Jeremy Glover (based in London) and published by Sweet & Maxwell.

“A model of clarity and practicality… This is a practitioner’s book for the busy practitioner, and is a book that will not gather dust on the shelf but will usually be found open on the desk.”

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Biannual releases

The work is updated twice a year; subscribers are sent replacement pages.

Stop Press

For some of the very latest changes made to the text, pending publication, subscribers can review changes made to the paragraphs of the main work via the stop press page.

Notes from Australia

Whilst of international relevance, the work is largely concerned with the law of England and Wales.  In the Notes from Australia page, there are some pointers to features particular to the law of Australia.


For updating purposes, the last version of the directory is here.

Building Contract Disputes – Materials and Cases Handbook

As a companion to the main work, Sweet & Maxwell also publish a paperback handbook by the same authors. This handbook is likely to be found in the busy practitioner’s briefcase when it is not open on his desk.

Construction Law Service

The work is included in Sweet & Maxwell’s CD Construction Law Service, which also contains Keating, Construction Law Journal etc.