Areas of Practice

Construction Law

Fenwick Elliott Grace specialises in construction law, with a team of experienced attorneys ready to assist with any legal issue.

Infrastructure Law

Our infrastructure law practice offers comprehensive legal services for all types of infrastructure projects.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

Our commercial dispute resolution team has a proven track record of successfully resolving conflicts for businesses.

Planning Law

Fenwick Elliott Grace is a leading firm in Adelaide for planning law, with a deep understanding of the local regulations.

Environmental Law

Our environmental law practice helps clients navigate the complex legal landscape of environmental regulation.

Administrative Law

Our administrative law team has extensive experience in the representation of clients before government agencies.

Why Trust Us?

Experience, Reputation, Personalised Approach, Ethical Practices

Outstanding Service

We have a reputation for providing excellent legal representation and achieving successful outcomes for our clients.

Dedication to Clients

We take a personalised approach to each case, ensuring that the specific needs and goals of our client are a top priority.

Specialised Experience

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers who are well-versed in the practice areas they specialise in.

Ethical Practices

We have a strong commitment to ethical practices, ensuring that clients can trust that their representation is conducted with integrity.

Looking for Experienced Lawyers with Specialised Knowledge?