Drafting, review and advice relating to all types of agreements

Our lawyers are experienced in the drafting and review of all types of agreements including:

  • Equipment lease agreements
  • Track Access agreements
  • Hook and Pull Agreements
  • Maintenance Agreements

Our familiarity with the normal practices of the industry allows us to deliver cost effective high quality legal services in this area.

Our firm is unique in that it offers a blend of technical background and legal expertise.

Custom written technical documents can usually be improved in clarity of meaning by a review of their wording.  The questions we ask when seeking clarification as to ambiguities can avoid potential significant risks to our clients.

Advising on and conducting railway and rollingstock litigation

  • Our lawyers have been involved in the cost effective resolution of a number of complex disputes arising from train derailments
  • Familiarity with maintenance standards and procedures and an understanding the roles of the major industry players assists us in the management of claims at significantly reduced costs