Dispute resolution

We have many years experience resolving construction disputes and act for a wide range of clients – from subcontractors, to developers, through to government agencies, Australia wide and internationally.

Drafting and review of contracts

We have experience drafting and reviewing contracts for all types of constructions projects, acting on behalf of developers, builders, designers and consultants. We have worked with a variety of contracts including the AS series of contracts, FIDIC, MBA, HIA and many other bespoke or standard contract forms.

We aim to provide our clients with concise and readily agreeable contracts that are fair and reasonable, avoiding legal jargon and unnecessarily onerous terms.

Tender evaluation and review

The tender process can be a stressful time for all parties involved. We provide rapid turnaround when reviewing tenders before submission or during the assessment phase to identify any oversights, issues with liability, or provide a comprehensive project review.

Assistance with contract management

We offer assistance with contract management throughout the project, providing advice on our analysis of time delay claims, assessment of variation claims, interpretation of contract terms and clauses, and advice on “show cause” and termination options.