Adjudication Toolkit

The new Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (SA) is bound to occupy a great deal of our attention in this and following years. This website contains a considerable amount of information about this extremely complex topic, including our Australian Adjudication Casebook, with over 5,000 pages of judicial interpretation of the legislation.

Sometimes, when we are out and about with our laptops, we do not have ready or fast access to the internet, and so we have produced our Fenwick Elliot Grace adjudication toolkit on a 2GB USB Flash drive. This contains all of the useful equipment, including an annotated copy of the Act, our flowchart and list of drop dead dates, and all of the legal authorities. The toolkit can of course also be used as your usual USB Flash drive for every day purposes as well.

These toolkits are available at a price of $25.00 plus GST each; email order.

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