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Tom is a former engineer who ran his own construction company for over 20 years, completing many projects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, before entering the legal profession.

Tom has a wide range of experience in handling commercial disputes with a focus on construction and engineering. His wealth of practical business experience coupled with his knowledge of engineering and construction give him a significant advantage in dealing with disputes.

He is a capable advocate and has often acted as counsel for clients, both in formal court hearings and in negotiations. He is a strong supporter of alternative forms of dispute resolution and his ability to quickly cut to the essential issues of a dispute and to make an assessment of the likely outcome has resulted in the early and cost effective resolution of many disputes. He is a trained mediator and his engineering and construction background assist him in bringing parties in conflict to sensible and commercial resolutions of disputes in these areas.

He teaches contract management and has recently written a comprehensive contract administrator’s course for the Master Builder’s Association.

Tom is married to Caz and has five children. His other interests include mountain biking, photography and diving. He holds a Master Instructor rating in scuba diving and has logged in excess of 1,500 dives.















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